5 Best Weed Killers For St. Augustine Grass
5 Best Weed Killers For St. Augustine Grass
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Southern Ag
Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides Non-Ionic
16 oz.
Non-ionic surfactant
Increases herbicides effect
The Andersons
The Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control
0,48% Barricade
Easy to Use
Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer
Size: 32 oz
Active ingredient: 4% atrazine
Easy to use
Southern Ag
Southern Ag Atrazine St. Augustine Grass Weed Killer
1 Gallon
Kills broadleaf weeds
4% Atrazine
PBI Gordon
PBI GORDON SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer Boadleaf Herbicide
1 Gallon
Fast weed control
Visible activity in hours

Video Tutorial: How to Remove Weeds from St. Augustine Grass

Hello, my name is Jane Smith and I’m an author of this blog. Using weed killer seems inevitable, especially when highly recommended organic options fail to get rid of weeds.

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