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Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer Review

This Southern Ag weed killer is a basic 2,4-D weed killer, which is just good when it comes to destroying nasty weeds in your backyard. 2,4-D is the most powerful chemical for controlling a large range of broadleaf weeds, and this Southern Ag offering is both an affordable and effective weed control. One quart of this material won’t break the bank, because it’ll cover about 1000 square feet of spraying.


Amine Weed KillerFeatures of Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer:

  • Selective Broadleaf Weed Control
  • For use in pastures & rangeland
  • 3.8 lbs. per gallon 2, 4-D acid equivalent liquid concentrate in a low volatile amine form


It’s basically a herbicide that just kills weeds while keeping valuable plants (such as lawn turf and flowerbeds) unharmed. This is the weed killer to use if you have hideous weeds creeping over the garden walls.

Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer User Manual

Having problem? Download Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D Weed Killer instructions.

Active components

2, 4-D acid in this low-volatile amine formula is the main component. Plants are killed by 2,4-D since it causes the cells in the tissues that transport water and nutrients and expand indefinitely. Auxin-type weed killers are herbicides that work in this way effectively. 


  • Selective mode of action;
  • The cost-effective rate – 4 pints per 1 acre;
  • Acts as a contact herbicide;
  • Post-emergent type;
  • Can kill broadleaf weeds and woody plants;

What weeds can it kill? 

This targeted post-emergent herbicide kills weeds including dandelion and chickweed thus leaving non-weed plants behind.

The Southern AG Amine product is another heavily focused crabgrass killer for those looking to get rid of other tightly entrenched weeds that are resistant to weak formulas.

Other than broadleaf weed control, don’t foresee much more from the Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine weed killer.

How to use it?

Since this is a liquid spray, the consumer must manually blend it. However, the spray comes with directions that detail the precise ratio for proper mixing.

3–5 gallons of water can be mixed with 2-3 teaspoons. This combination will cover up to 1,000 sq. ft.

Of course, in order to target the root structures of the weeds in your yard, you will need to apply this herbicide in conjunction with other labels or Southern Ag drugs, but on the surface, Southern Ag 2.4-D Amine may suffice.

When to use it? 

It’s another formula that works well in hot climates, but the product will do much better in cooler, drier climates. This ensures you can spread the weed killer by Southern Ag all over the weeds, both woody and grassy types, until spring arrives.

Where to use it? 

The product is suitable for use in pastures and rangeland, lawns, gardens, golf courses, cemeteries, parks, and other areas where ornamental turf is needed. It’s also safe to use around walls, drain banks, non-crop areas, small grains, and corn.

When applying it to a vegetable/fruit garden, you should take the necessary precautions, as specified in the user manual.

How long does it take to work? 

It’s possible that the results won’t show up for another two weeks after it’s been implemented. The herbicide will begin to have an impact on the plant within minutes, and you will see discoloration of the treated leaves in 48 hours.

Pros & Cons of Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer

  • Selective mode of action;
  • Acts quickly – within a few days;
  • Can be applied on many turfs and landscapes;
  • Dries quickly;
  • The first visible results appear in 48 hours;
  • Use in turf, pastures, rangeland, ditch banks, fences
  • Controls many broadleaf weeds & woody plants
  • Detailed instructions
  • One of the best products to kill broadleaf weed’s
  • Not simple instructions;
  • Have to be diluted;
  • Not fully pet-friendly and eco-friendly;
  • Decreased effect in hot climates;
  • Not safe to use on St Augustine

The Southern Ag Amine product is an effective broadleaf weed killer – nothing more and nothing less. What you’ll get is a dependable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use product that can solve your lawn care issues.

The Buyer’s Guide

Concentrated vs. ready-to-use herbicides

Many separate weed killers would be delivered in a distilled type that must be mixed by hand at the point of use. This allows the consumer greater control over the mixture, allowing him or her to dilute or concentrate it to meet their individual needs.

Ready-to-use (RTU) sprays, on the other hand, are consistent and comfortable for consumers. They don’t need much additional assembly and are therefore less susceptible to mixing errors. This might not be the best choice for you if your garden needs a little extra TLC from a weed killer.

Non-selective vs. selective weed killers

A selective weed killer, such as the Southern Ag Amine chemical, kills only the weeds in a sprayed field, focusing on the bothersome plants while leaving the desirable plants alone.

A non-selective herbicide, on the other hand, has the opposite impact. These herbicides seem to destroy everything in their way, so it’s important to protect the plants you choose to keep if you use a non-selective weed killer. Otherwise, you may have to say goodbye to them.


One gallon of this Southern Ag product is enough to cover 25,000 square feet. The fast-acting herbicide is filtered to make 85 gallons of solution. The concentration is advised for the quick action and weed removal in lawns.


Can too much of 2,4-D kill lawn grass? 

2,4-D stands for an auxin-type herbicide that damages the cells that bear water and nutrients in broadleaf weeds by disrupting their cellular processes. Since grasses are biologically distinct from broadleaf plants, the chemical compounds in 2,4-D have little effect on grassy plants.

How long does it need to dry completely? 

While the substance dries quickly, it is recommended that you keep it on for 24 hours (at least) before applying water. Allow children and pets to play on the lawn until it is fully dry.

Can you apply this product to St. Augustine grassy lawns? 

2,4-D is a broadleaf weed killer and can be found in almost all herbicides under this category. 2,4-D would not kill St. Augustine since it is not a broadleaf weed. If used repeatedly in the same place, however, it will inevitably kill St. Augustine.

What is the shelf life of this herbicide?

It is 4-5 years if you keep it in a dry and cool place. Not for freezing. 

Video Guide: How To Use Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer

Final thoughts 

If you have a yard that is already lush with vegetation, you will want a weed killer that is selective with the plants it kills. The Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine product, for example, succeeds in this field. Some selective types can kill such lawn grass strains, such as St. Augustine, a fairly popular grass. As a result, rather than remaining weed-free, these lawns will turn orange, undoing much of a homeowner’s diligent work. The Southern Ag product, on the other hand, would keep your lawn in fine condition when attacking a large range of thick leaf weeds that would otherwise be a problem.