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5 Best Weed Torches

Most recommended
Propane Torch Weed Burner

  • Color Silver
  • Brand Flame King
  • 33 x 7 x 1 inches

A good choice too
Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting
  • Brand Bernzomatic
  • Item Weight 1 Pounds
  • Material Metal

A good choice too
High Output 500,000 BTU Weed Burner
  • Brand Mag-Torch
  • Color Original Version
  • 38 x 3 x 3 inches

Mini Weed Dragon Propane Vapor
  • Color Red
  • Brand Red Dragon
  • Item Weight 2 Pounds

Heating Torch with 5 Meter Hose
  • Brand BISupply
  • Item Weight 4 Pounds
  • Material Stainless Steel

Choose the Best Weed Torche

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Weed Torches

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43.18% of users selected Propane Torch Weed Burner, 6.82% selected Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting, 36.36% selected High Output 500,000 BTU Weed Burner, 6.82% selected Mini Weed Dragon Propane Vapor and 6.82% selected Heating Torch with 5 Meter Hose. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Instead of hurting your back or putting toxic chemicals into your lawn’s environment, try using a weed torch to get rid of those troublesome plants. These propane-powered portable torches direct a tiny yet blistering flame at tenacious weeds. This buyer’s guide will assist you in selecting the finest weed torch for the garden if you’re new to weed torches.

When it concerns weeds, the majority of homeowners will go to any length to eliminate them. While many people use chemicals, a weed torch may be a better option. They often employ propane and an extended handle with a torch-style flame at the end.

Reasons to buy weed torches:

  • A quick and effective way to destroy many weeds at once;
  • Save for pets and kids because you don’t spread chemicals;
  • Affordable;
  • Won’t disturb soil;
  • Save your knees and back – forget about manual weed pulling;

If you seek a reliable and budget-friendly weed torch for your backyard’s weed control, consider reading this guide till the end. Check the product reviews, comparison table and buying guide to find the best weed torch for your needs. 

Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed – the best for the price!

The Flame King Weed Burner completes the task while also saving money. This little torch has a maximum BTU output of 24,000, which is adequate to break down most weeds in a matter of seconds. It includes everything you’ll need to connect it to a normal 1-pound propane bottle.

This weed torch does have other pros besides its low price. It comes with a 33-inch wand and an integrated push-button starter for safe beginnings. It also boasts an adjustable nozzle for fine-tuning the gas flow, as well as an anti-slip contoured rubber grip that keeps users safe when cooking weeds.

This device has a brass valve on the handle that allows you to effortlessly control the flame. On the handle, there’s also a self-igniter. That means you don’t have to touch the flames with your hands.

  • Easy to control the flame volume;
  • Good self-igniting feature;
  • Molded handle with a comfortable grip;
  • Great for outdoor uses – ice melting, weed control;
  • Fully assembled;
  • The flame is weak;
  • The reach is small;

Though it requires some time to get used to this device, it should be a decent option for weeding tiny areas and melting ice. Furthermore, the handle is comfortable and ergonomic to hold for long periods of time.

Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Outdoor Torch – the best for portability!

The Bernzomatic weed torch may be utilized for a variety of tasks. It may be used to kill weeds, start a barbeque, ignite a campfire, and melt ice, among other things. It also runs on propane gas or MAPP.

A 36-inch long handle is included with this product. To do your task, you won’t have to stand on tiptoe or stoop as low. The Piezo igniter eliminates the need for a flint light to ignite the torch.

The 20,000 BTU isn’t very strong, but it’ll treat small to medium weed areas. The brass tip is one of the tiniest, so it’s ideal for precise weed removal, and it’s made of cast aluminum, so it’ll last a long time.

The item also includes a curved grip fitting for connecting to the flame control knob and the gas tank.

  • Portable and lightweight;
  • Extended and anti-slip handle for longer reach;
  • An adjustable flame control valve;
  • Simple design;
  • Made in the United States;
  • Many outdoor uses;
  • Solid brass tip;
  • Low heat and flame volume;
  • Only for small areas;
  • The self-igniting feature is average;
The compact Bernzomatic self-igniting 20,000-BTU torch will appeal to DIYers with both small and big homes. When it refers to simplicity and having the greatest propane torch head, the JT850 torch can be the finest option.

Mag-Torch MT 5000 High Output Torch Kit – the best for heavy-duty tasks!

This Mag-Torch kit includes a 61-inch hose as well as a spark lighter for quick and safe igniting. This torch may be used with any POL propane cylinder (e.g. BBQ tank).

It is advised that you apply the burner with a cylinder that is at least 20 pounds. It’s useful equipment for activities like roofing, melting asphalt, and burning brush stacks on a farm.

If you need to kill weeds on a huge lawn, this torch is exactly what can assist you. Just be careful when moving it around.

  • The in-built spark lighter for easy ignition;
  • Great for heavy-duty jobs;
  • A long 61-inch hose;
  • Powerful flame volume;
  • CSA certified;
  • Bulky and heavy to move around (with a full tank);
  • May accidentally go up;
  • No instructions;
  • The shut-off valve may spin;

The price is reasonable for this torch’s quality, however, it lacks a handle. For simple ignition, this unit comes with a spark lighter. Its 61-inch hose allows you to operate more efficiently than previously. Overall, this item seems to be a lifesaver that makes any task simple.

Red Dragon VT 1-32 C Torch Kit – the best for the quality build!

The built-in gas flow regulator in the Red Dragon mini-torch device enables it to output up to 25,000 BTUs. With a 1-pound bottle connected, the foam-wrapped grip makes it comfy and simple to control.

It produces a tiny flame that is ideal for little tasks around the house and garden. The torch may be used for chemical-free spot weeding, igniting charcoal, and starting campfires, among other things.

The Red Dragon device is the most popular weed torch for novices since it comes with a valve for simple fire control. This valve adds another layer of safety to the gas flow.

When used appropriately, the mini-torch is a safe and simple tool for reducing or eliminating herbicide usage in areas where kids and pets may be exposed. Mini Dragon has received CSA certification for usage in the United States and Canada.

Tips for users: avoid conifers and flammable residues such as evergreen mulch, pine needles, etc.
  • Fully assembled;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Durable steel build;
  • The pinpoint flame;
  • Non-slip handle;
  • Detailed manual;
  • Easy to use, store and transport;
  • Only for outdoor uses;
  • Not powerful for large areas;
  • The in-built starter is unreliable;

The sleek, streamlined style of Red Dragon’s mini-torch may appeal to those users who have small-to-average homes. While it has a 36-inch long full-length handle, its slim profile makes it simple to transport in a vehicle or UTV for a long distance.

BISupply Heating Torch with Hose – the best for the flame control!

Whether you’re cleaning weeds and ice, soldering, or cutting materials, the BISupply Flame Gun can do it all. This roofing torch can reach temperatures of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and is compatible with 20-pound tanks (though, the tank is not provided – you need to buy it separately).

Burn weeds, heat the roofing materials, melt snow, remove paint, defrost pipes, and warm metals for welding and soldering using this machine. Working in difficult-to-reach regions is made safer and easier with the long torch and hose.

This burner is made of stainless steel and is prone to rust and corrosion. To regulate the flame size and temperature, the torch has a steel jet nozzle and a long-lasting adjustable valve. A natural rubber 15-foot hose (explosion-proof) with a 300 PSI rating is also included in this kit.

  • The long wand;
  • Made of stainless steel;
  • Durable valve to adjust the flame volume;
  • Great hose and nozzle;
  • Can heat up to 3000F;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Bulky;
  • No instructions are included;
  • Needs assembling on arrival;
  • Doesn’t have an igniter;

If a long hose and a huge heat circle (4-feet area around the flame will become hot) are vital to you, the BISupply Burning Torch is one of the finest weed torches. There’s not much the BISupply can’t do: it warms up to 3000 degrees, has a controllable flame valve, and a turbo blast option. The 33.5-inch wand also allows you to control it from a safe distance.

The Buyer’s Guide

Heavy-duty vs. lightweight weed torches

Weed torches are divided into two types: heavy-duty and lightweight torches. Lightweight burners are outfitted with bent tubes that connect to a tiny 1-pound propane tank, as the name implies. Heavy-duty torches feature hoses that can connect to a full-size 20-pound tank and are designed for large-scale operations.

Selecting between 2 options is mostly a question of personal choice, but here are a few considerations to consider:

Heavy-duty weed torches Lightweight torches
Pros Plenty of volume for a long use Portable
More power User-friendly
Adjustable flame volume Can work at low temperatures
Usage of refillable tanks
Cons Noisy No use of refillable tanks
Bulky to move around Lack of volume for a long use

Gas vs. electric weed torches

Weed burners that run on gas are increasingly common. They are not only more effective than electric options, but they also provide you with the freedom of movement since you are not bound by a power cable. Electric weed burners, on the other hand, are less expensive to operate since you won’t have to continuously refill a propane tank.

Ignition methods

Manual strikers and in-built igniters are 2 most common methods to light a torch.

The default igniters act in the same way as a striker does to light a grill. They generally have a push-button spark and are hooked to the tube. The striker securely starts the flame at the tube’s end once the gas is switched on. The flame is pushed out to the torch’s end by the gas pressure, and it is then ready to use.

Manual strikers are a bit more difficult to master. Manual strikers for weed burners, like the strikers used in certain high school chemistry classrooms, must be hit near gas in order to spark the flame. Some DIYers may be concerned about this, in which case a built-in igniter may be a preferable solution.

Hose/wand/handle length

Because most heavy-duty units are designed to be used with big 20-pound tanks, the hose length is a crucial consideration. A 10-foot hose is appropriate in most cases. This length is long enough to treat a large area while being short enough to avoid tripping or falling.

Purchasing an extra cart to carry the hefty propane tank may be a smart option for individuals who want to cover a vast area with their torch. It will be easy to move it across the lawn with the wheels.

The bell

A bell-shaped shroud is attached to certain weed torches at the end of the torch. This bell aids in the torch’s heat retention and flame direction, resulting in a more effective burn.

When it concerns weed torches, efficiency is usually a plus, but it isn’t always required. A lightweight version without a bell may take a bit longer to burn a weed, but the difference is generally just a few seconds.

A bell also acts as a barrier between other plants and the high heat produced by the flame. Consider a torch with a bell if you’ll be working with a burner near delicate plants. However, utilizing any kind of torch in a mulch-covered flower bed is not a good idea.

Flame control

When it comes to buying a new weed burner, flame control is also vital to consider, since too much heat might lead the user to burn precious plants accidentally. Furthermore, without the ability to control the flame, users may burn up their whole bottle of propane before scorching their whole yard.

The majority of the items listed below have control valves that may be adjusted to control the quantity of fuel that passes through the wand. Boost handles on certain heavy-duty torches may instantly raise the size and temp of the fire. Squeeze the valve to raise the volume and pressure for harder weeds, then release it to restore it to its original setting.

Flame volume

Regardless of their size, many weed torches are intended to create flames of roughly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The difference is mostly in the size of the flame they create.

The BTU parameter (a.k.a. British Thermal Units) is used to measure the heat output of a torch, and there is a broad variety of BTU values available.

Smaller, lighter variants have a BTU rating of 20,000 to 25,000. General-purpose devices are at 100,000 BTU, whereas heavy-duty units are over 500,000 BTU.


Weed torches, in general, aren’t fundamentally safe. They generate a lot of heat, and the nozzles become extremely hot. There isn’t much that can be done to make a device like this completely safe.

In-built gas control valves, igniters, and hoses of suitable lengths may help to mitigate some of the dangers associated with burning yard weeds. A built-in igniter keeps the user’s hand away from the fire, while the control valve assists to keep everything under control by reducing the amount of flame produced by the torch. Users may avoid stumbling by using a hose that is the right length.

Propane tank size

The 1-pound propane tank is often used in smaller and lighter forms to make things easier to handle and move. That quantity could not last long, so you’re always refilling or purchasing new canisters.

The 20-pound propane cylinder is used by others. Depending on the size of the yard, this might be enough to treat it. If you’ll be moving about a lot, a cart or a wheeled dolly will come in handy so you don’t have to lug that big propane tank with you.

Extra accessories that you may need: 

  • A propane tank cart;
  • A squeeze valve;

Tips for the users with weed torches:

  • The ideal time to apply a weed torch is after a nice soaking rain on a windless day. While weed torches are harmless when used correctly, the saturated ground reduces the likelihood of an accident, and low wind speeds keep the flames under control;
  • When burning weeds, prepare a hose or a pail of water nearby, and clear the area of leaves and debris before the use of a torch. Leaves burn quicker than weeds, and putting a lighted torch over them might quickly result in an unintentional fire;


Final thoughts 

Applying a weed burner to kill weeds and reclaim control of your yard may be quite successful. However, it’s worth noting that these gadgets might pose a safety risk, so novice users should use caution. However, new techs are being developed all the time to increase the BTU and duration of flames, indicating that weed torches have a bright future ahead of them, including the ability to reach previously unreachable areas. Hopefully, this tutorial was useful, and you’ll remember it the next time you’re looking for a weed burner.