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5 Best Salt Spreaders

Most recommended
Stalwart Spreader, Salt and Seed Spreader
  • Material Plastic
  • Color Blue
  • Brand Stalwart

A good choice too
Chapin Gal Crank (1 Package)
  • Material Plastic
  • Color Blue
  • Chapin International

A good choice too
Buyers Products SaltDogg 4.4 Cubic Foot
  • Item Weight 73.2 pounds
  • Buyers Products Co
  • Tailgate Salt Spreader

Buyers Products Grounds Keeper
  • Item Weight 43 pounds
  • Buyers Products
  • Red

CHAPIN R E 81008A 80LB Residential Salt Spreader
  • Brand: CHAPIN R E
  • Item Weight 27 pounds

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Salt Spreaders

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30% of users selected Stalwart Spreader, Salt and Seed Spreader, 10% selected Chapin Gal Crank (1 Package), 20% selected Buyers Products SaltDogg 4.4 Cubic Foot, 20% selected Buyers Products Grounds Keeper and 20% selected CHAPIN R E 81008A 80LB Residential Salt Spreader. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A salt spreader is a machine that spreads solid material over a road. It is simply connected to the vehicle, and the user may quickly distribute various materials on the road, such as salt, sand, large volume gritting material, etc. The goal of the finest salt spreader is to break the ice-road connection. This spreader increases the likelihood of getting a precise walk on the sand that has been distributed over the road. It will never make the walker slippery.

If you’re a farmer/gardener, you already know how critical it is to locate the finest ATV salt spreader for your garden’s development. Epsom salt has a lot of magnesium, which is why most expert gardeners use it in their gardens.

Why should you spread the salt?

Epsom salt, commonly known as magnesium sulfate, aids in the flowering stage of the plant and improves its green color. It has a lot of magnesium, which aids in the proper functioning of chlorophyll in photosynthesis. Plants that are magnesium deficient have mineral imbalances or acidic soil, which is why you should apply Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate to your plants on a regular basis.

Snow may cover your rooftop, pavement, roads, lawn, and parking lots throughout the winter. Because of the heavy snowfall, all of those areas become slick and dangerous to avoid slipping and falling. To prevent unnecessary injury, the only option is to use salt to rapidly melt the snow.

Pros of using a salt spreader: 

  • Lower the freezing points of water;
  • Saves money on salt;
  • Easy to use;
  • Even distribution of salt;
  • Quick to operate;
  • Helps to reach even tight places;

Throwing salt with bare hands, on the other hand, might be an issue. The chemical components combined with salt may cause an allergic reaction in certain people. Some people may find it challenging to distribute the salt evenly over the whole surface. This is where you have to consider hiring the finest salt spreaders to assist you.

Finding the proper salt spreader that meets your needs or meets your criteria may be very challenging. That is why, in order to assist you, our guide concentrates on the top 5 salt spreaders ratings on the market. The comparison table and buying guide can also assist you. 

Stalwart 82-YJ487 Spreader – the best for portability!

This compact and versatile portable spreader is made of sturdy plastic and may be used anywhere and at any season of the year. The twist-off top makes it simple to refill the salt shaker with the stuff you need. The shaker holds up to 77.7 ounces of content, allowing you to safely pour in and disperse capsule goods without having to hold to replenish.

Larger hands may use the handle since it is intended to be roomy. This makes it easier to distribute seeds, salt, fertilizer, or other materials uniformly and consistently.

Although this is not a wheeled spreader, it does a good job for an entry-level product. This multi-purpose shaker may be used all year. Despite its modest appearance, this portable tool is made of high-quality plastic and is suitable for outdoor usage.

  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Can be used by children and elderly people;
  • Durable plastic construction;
  • Ergonomic grip;
  • Detachable lid with many holes for better distribution;
  • Small capacity;
  • Salt may stick to the walls/bottom;

During the summer months, this cost-effective Stalwart salt spreader also serves as a fertilizer spreader. Due to an ergonomic grip, it’s tiny enough to be extremely portable and simple to use even for little hands or aged joints.

Chapin 8705A Hand Salt Spreader – the best for design!

This lightweight salt spreader from Chapin can hold a lot of salt at once. Even in freezing weather, the hand salt spreader is simple to operate. It has a tough poly scoop with a serrated edge that cuts through salt and makes scooping simple.

The enclosed gears keep debris out, and the thumb-operated gate adjustment and trigger gate control are intended to spread the ice melt smoothly. The impeller is intended to distribute the load evenly.

It also has an adjustable gate opening, an on/off trigger control and a manual crank that is easy to use even with gloves on.

  • Great design;
  • Tooth-edge for cutting the salt;
  • The trigger gate control;
  • Easy to use;
  • Enclosed gear system to prevent debris;
  • Even salt distribution;
  • Good for narrow places;
  • Can be used for rock salt;
  • The handle may come off;
  • The plastic crank may break;

The salt spreader is ideal for sidewalks, steps, and other places where bigger spreaders are unable to reach. The serrated edge of the tough poly scoop cuts through stuff for simple scooping.

SaltDogg Tailgate Salt Spreader – the best for commercial uses!

A robust, corrosion-free poly hopper is included on the 330-pound SaltDogg spreader. It’s simple to mount on an SUV, 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, or 1-ton truck. It is one of the most affordable commercial salt spreaders out there.

The spreader has a durable polymer black hopper and an orange powder-coated steel mounting frame.

It operates quietly and efficiently thanks to a 12V DC-powered electric drive. The spreader is also rock salt compatible, and the 9-inch poly spinner can distribute rock salt up to 30 feet.

Even novices will find our SaltDogg salt-spreader to be extremely simple to operate. Attaching and detaching it takes just a few minutes and requires only a few simple tools.

  • Perfect for light-duty commercial uses;
  • High-quality carbon steel frame;
  • Simple design;
  • Off/on switch;
  • Large capacity;
  • Powerful;
  • 30 feet spread range;
  • Expensive;
  • Heavy and large for residential uses;
  • Some parts may scratch easily;
  • The output control is average;

The SaltDogg spreader, which can be mounted on your bumper or a receiver hitch, is a flexible gadget that may be used with a truck or SUV. It’s best used in light-duty commercial settings.

Buyers Products 3039632R Grounds Salt Spreader – the best for easy assembly!

The salt spreader can carry up to 100 lbs of salt or ice melt, which means you won’t have to make repeated journeys to the store for fresh bags of salt. Using a lever, you can simply control the flow of materials. A hopper screen and a nylon rain cover are included with the spreader.

The spread distance of this salt spreader is a startling 24 feet. Its poly hopper will not rust and will be resistant to dents and cleavages.

This tiny plastic salt spreader makes it easy to transport salt and seed and evenly distribute them anywhere you desire. This is the spreader that saves the most time and is the easiest to use.

  • Easy to use and assemble;
  • 100-pound capacity;
  • The spread range is 24 feet;
  • 19 holes for better flow and distribution;
  • Sturdy plastic;
  • Ergonomic grip;
  • For all seasons;
  • It may clog;
  • Some parts are flimsy;

This aluminum walk-behind spreader will meet all of your salt spreading requirements. Despite being made of metal, the product will not rust or dent when handled.

CHAPIN R E 81008A Residential Salt Spreader – the best for the winter season!

The Chapin Salt and Ice Melt Spreader weighs 80 pounds and has a tough powder-coated steel frame, an ergonomically designed bail system that enables operation with either hand, a baffle system for edge control. Its pneumatic tires can handle any terrain.

In addition to the regular conical poly auger, a spiked poly auger is provided to assist break apart clumps and maintain salt or ice melt flowing freely. It is one of the best salt-spreading devices for the winter season.

  • Good for winter;
  • Conical poly auger;
  • Ergonomic bail system;
  • Wide 10-inch pneumatic tires;
  • Better control of spread;
  • Adjustable gate settings;
  • Powder-coated steel frame;
  • The design could be better;
  • Small capacity;

Make sure to buy this spreader if you need to spread salt on driveways and paths during cold winter months. It is cost-effective, easy to use and durable enough to last for a few years.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of salt spreaders

1) Wall-behind spreaders

When it comes to gardening, most people utilize this kind of spreader. This is suitable for gardens that are small to medium in size. A walk-behind salt spreader is an ideal choice if your salt distribution will mainly be limited to small areas such as driveways and walkways. The walk-behind spreader is a wheelbarrow-like device with a grip that is operated manually. Because you’re walking on snow-covered pathways, you have to push on the handle from behind to make it work.

2) Tailgate spreaders

The tailgate spreader is similar to the walk-behind spreader, except it is much larger. This one is often mounted on cars or large tractors and is picked for much larger tasks, such as large gardens and small farms. When parking spaces and driveways need to be plowed, it’s also employed to distribute the salt.

3) Under tailgate spreaders

Salt is sprinkled over roads and sidewalks using an under tailgate spreader. For large-scale town development, this is often mounted to tractors and other motorized vehicles.

4) Dump box spreaders

A dump box spreader is a large spreader that is connected to flatbed vehicles and has a large storage capacity. This spreader you ought to have if you need to distribute a lot of salt across a large region. Expert contractors and others in the field often use dump boxes for large commercial projects.

5) Tow-behind spreaders

The tow-behind spreader, a larger version of the walk-behind spreader, is the last option. These spreaders are designed for larger gardens. For quicker spreading, they may be connected to an ATV or a small tractor. If the area is too large for the ATVs or tractors to cover, the larger spreaders may be connected to larger vehicles. If the spreader has a unique universal lock attachment, a motorized ATV may drive around it.


Consider how many square feet the spreader will have to treat on its way. If you’re pushing a commercial plow, a tailgate spreader should be installed on the car’s built-in back. The salt will be distributed in a circular manner across the driving width of the lane using a tailgate spreader.

The area’s size you can cover without having to refill the container is determined by its capacity. Small spreaders usually cover 5,000 sq. ft. Unless you require a commercial tool for a bigger area, you generally won’t need it anymore. If your yard is tiny, use a hand salt spreader.


Over time, the fabric of the spreader will have an impact on its performance. Polyethylene (“poly”) has been the preferred material among spreaders for decades owing to its slickness and salt-resistant properties. Salt distributed using a poly spreader glides more readily over the inner lining without sticking. Steel, on the other hand, is coarser and more likely to cause salt to cling to the surface. Over time, a steel spreader’s ability to operate at peak levels may deteriorate.


Among poly and steel salt spreaders, there is no clear victor in terms of strength. The main difference between the two materials is their durability. The majority of steel spreaders use motorized motors that include a variety of moving metal components. As a result, steel salt spreaders typically need maintenance prior to the start of the season. Poly spreaders are often low-maintenance since they are powered by electrical motors with fewer components.

Agitation system

A salt spreader must release salt at a fast enough rate to avoid clogging the machine. Conveyor systems do the worst in this regard since the salt leakage is false. The auger system, in which a drill is placed in the hopper to divide salt particles before discharge, is the ideal option for utilizing steel salt spreaders. Some poly spreaders are equipped with shaking programs, which use movement to break down the salt in the hopper.

Wheel size

While ordinary plastic wheels are fine for personal use, professional tools should have stronger wheels for increased sturdiness and vibration reduction. This comfort is essential for extended runs, particularly when addressing cobblestone sections.

Other things to consider: 

  • Choose a spreader with a rust-resistant hopper; 
  • Powder-coated frames can withstand the corrosive effects of salt; 
  • Choose an ice melt spreader with a deflector;
  • A good device spreads the salt evenly, which prevents certain areas from being burned while others remain intact; 
  • Mid-size spreaders are usually designed for finer salt, while heavy-duty spreaders are used for coarse salt;

Useful Video: Spreader: Best Salt Spreader 2021 (Buying Guide)

Final thoughts 

There’s no need to worry about melting your patio, lawn, driveway, or sidewalk. With one of these finest salt spreaders, you can accomplish it quickly and simply. Remember that the greatest one for you is the one that completely fits your needs. Please let us know if you require suggestions that are not included here so that we can keep you up to date.