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5 Best Ant Killers for Lawns

Most recommended
Killer Broadcast Granules
  • Ortho Fire Ant
  • Style: Granules
  • 11.49 pounds
A good choice too
Lawn Insect Killer – Kills
  • 18 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight 19.06 pounds
  • Ortho
A good choice too
Insect Killer Granules
  • EcoSMART
  • 10 lbs
  • 19 x 15 x 8 inches
BugClear Insect Killer
  • Ortho
  • Item Weight 1 pounds
  • 2.54 x 4.76 x 11.56 inches
Fire Ant Shield Yard
  • Style: Granules
  • Item Weight 40.6 pounds
  • 16 x 12 x 11 inches

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35.71% of users selected Killer Broadcast Granules, 21.43% selected Lawn Insect Killer - Kills, 42.86% selected Insect Killer Granules, 0% selected BugClear Insect Killer and 0% selected Fire Ant Shield Yard. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Ants can be a huge problem for homeowners, and they are especially prevalent in the summer months. That is why you may need one of the special ant killers for lawns. 

Reasons to buy ant killers for lawns

Ant infestations spread much quicker when there’s an easy pathway from the ground level into the upper regions of plants where insects take shelter and lay eggs.

Many types of ant killers are available for use in lawns, including powders and granules that can be spread across an area to kill ants as they meet it (or you could create a barrier line by spreading around the perimeter). 

It’s also possible to apply liquids directly onto anthills or other areas where invasive populations have been spotted. There is no one type of product that will work best for everyone – because each yard has different needs.

If you have a problem with ants in your yard, then this is the guide for you. A few experts will provide product reviews and information on the best ant killers for lawns that are currently available. Ants can make it difficult to enjoy time outside if they’re constantly invading your space and stealing food from picnics or barbecues. Learn how to keep these pests away so that you can spend more time outdoors.

Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules – the Editor’s choice!

Ortho Fire Ant Killer can help you get your yard back on track as these granules provide 6 months of protection and treat up to 5,000 sq. ft. with one easy application. These outdoor ant killers kill fire ants in 15 minutes so you can finally sit down outside again knowing your lawn is protected from those annoying critters.

Dedicated to keeping (and even extending) your lawn free of mounds for 6 months, this product is no joke. It prevents new mounds from forming and kills existing ones in minutes.

In addition, this stuff is super easy to use, just sprinkle it wherever there’s an unwanted mound and boom – no more biting red ants on your morning toast.

  • The coverage is 5,000 sq. ft.;

  • Prevent the formation of new mounds;
  • 6 months of lawn protection;
  • Works within 15 minutes;
  • Easy-to-spread granules;

  • Bad smell;
  • Not pet-friendly;

Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules is the fast, easy way to kill troublesome fire ants. This product kills ant mounds in 15 minutes and you can eliminate up to 5,000 square feet of risk area for just 11.5 pounds.

Ortho BugClear Lawn Insect Killer – the best coverage!

The BugClear Lawn Insect Killer is made of microscopic granules that get on insects’ skin just as fingerprints do.

Another great aspect of this product is you don’t have to worry about any accidental ingestion or contact with the insecticide when it comes in contact with a child or pet because one serving won’t harm them at all!

Secure and protect your yard against annoying insects, indoor or outdoor. Ortho BugClear Lawn Insect Killer is an all-natural formula that’s good for your lawn and herbaceous plants. After applying Ortho, you’ll start to see results in minutes (except fire ants), and it keeps killing for up to 6 months after treatment.

  • Kills by contact;
  • Long-lasting – for 3 months;
  • Acts quickly;
  • Great for outdoor use;
  • The coverage is 16,500 sq. ft.;
  • Easy to use;

  • The cap may leak;
  • Won’t cope with yellow jacket ants;

Ortho BugClear Lawn Insect Killer is a powerful fire ant killer. This powerhouse product starts working in minutes and continues to kill bugs for weeks! Kills by contact, works above ground and below your feet.

EcoSMART Insect Killer Granules – the best environmentally-friendly formula!

If bug spray isn’t your thing, then this EcoSMART product is for you. It’s made of all organic and nontoxic ingredients, so it won’t wreak havoc on the environment around your house. Use it to get rid of spiders, ticks, fleas, gnats, and ants-it will take care of them without hurting children or pets in the process.

One packet lasts about six hours once spread around a sprayed location-and the scent fades away after three to four hours so there’s no lingering smell. The granules are safe for people and for lawns! Take care of those little pests with just one natural product instead of chemicals that have harmful side effects on both humans and nature alike!

  • Eco-friendly formula;
  • Safe for pets and kids;
  • Easy to spread;
  • The scent fades within 3-4 hours;

  • The insects may come back in a few weeks;
  • Can be affected by rainfall;

With the EcoSMART Insect Killer Granules you can safely and effectively kill countless insects in your home without harming the environment or your pets and children – not a bad deal!

Ortho BugClear Insect Killer for Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate – the best for versatile use!

The Ortho BugClear Insect Killer eliminates bugs, including ants, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and spiders. It provides long-lasting control and starts killing within minutes after application with a tank sprayer or Ortho Dial N’ Spray. Made from concentrated ingredients that are easy to use and start working quickly, it is versatile and effective.

It can also be used on lawns, around the perimeter of your home, and when applied to plants like ornamentals, flowers (use one teaspoon per gallon of water), trees (1/2 or 1-ounce concentrate per gallon of water), shrubs (1 tablespoon concentrate per gallon of water).

  • Can kill up to 230+ species of insects;
  • Good for the house foundation;
  • Each bottle makes 42 gallons;
  • Easy application;
  • Effective against moth and larvae;

  • The cap may leak;
  • Won’t cope with sod webworms;

This Ortho product starts killing pests within minutes. It’s great around the home, but it can also be sprayed on your lawn or given as gifts to people with lawns.

Spectracide 96472-1 Fire Ant Shield Yard Protection Granules – the best for outside use!

Spectracide 96472-1 Fire Ant Shield Yard Protection is the best for outdoor use only. When applied to the yard in an even layer, this product kills 98% of fire ants and their queen. It also prevents new mound formation by killing any eggs before they hatch.

It may be tempting to buy cheaper brands because they can’t contain chemical formulations like these – but don’t worry, these Spectracide products have your back! The granules won’t leave a residue on your hands or clothes when you apply them – so you don’t need protective gloves when using our stuff indoors either.

Don’t worry about their smell either because there is none. If you do happen to have pets in the house, they should remain safe as well since the product does not contain toxins that may harm cats and dogs.

  • Good for protecting your yard;
  • Easy-to-use granules;
  • Kills the whole colony of ants;
  • Up to 3 months control;
  • Versatile use;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • Good price point;

  • May require a few applications;

Spread these granules around your house and get rid of the pesky ants for good. It will kill the colony immediately, so you can say goodbye to your ant problem once and for all.

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