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Best natural weed control?

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Lydia Pearson
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I have weeds in my garden and in areas along my patio and walkway. I don't want to use unsafe chemicals, but most of the natural methods of controlling weeds have been ineffective. What are the truly effective and easy ways to naturally control weeds?

Carmen Harrison
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My weed control is round-up. It only kills what it lands on and is neutralized when it hits the ground so it leaves no residue in the soil. It will kill grass and flowers or veggies too so control is what is needed. I use a large sheet of cardboard against what I don't want killed and spray close to the weed so I don't get overspray. I use it every spring to get rid of quack grass in my flower beds and the garden. Although I don't use it much in my garden. We don't have many weeds there because we pull them when we see them and never let them go to seed. 1 weed gone to seed and you'll have a thousand.