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A weed killer that won't kill your trees?

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Madison Sanders
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I have 8 acres of land that we just built a house on, and planted four VERY LONG rows of baby evergreens last year. We are trying to find a weed killer we can spray without killing our trees? We also have four fruit trees we don't want to kill either. It just takes too long to weed by hand, and a spray would be so much faster. Please help!

Melanie Harvey
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Use a glyphosate weed killer product like Zap-it Ultimate. It will kill only the weeds you spray it on and when in contact with the soil will become inactive so you do not have to worry about the trees.

If you are spraying make sure its on a windless day so the drift doesn't end up on the trees. If you want to be real careful use a paint brush and brush the weeds with glyphosate.