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Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer Review

Roundup Landscape Weed PreventerDon’t Pull Weeds and Grasses, Prevent Them! Introducing Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer which prevents weeds and grasses for up to 6 months, Guaranteed!* It creates a weed barrier and stops weeds from growing. For best results, apply directly to soil around plants in Spring before weeds germinate and before mulching. And, when used as directed, it won’t harm your desirable plants and flowers! The easy to use built-in applicator provides even coverage. Save time and energy with Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer. Outsmart weeds before they appear. A simple step towards a weed free landscape and garden! *Consumer Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied after using this product, simply send us original proof of purchase and we will refund the purchase price.

Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer Manual

Having trouble? Download Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer instructions.

Pros and Cons of Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer

  • Won’t harm desirable plants
  • Stops weeds from growing
  • Creates a weed barrier
  • The highly efficient pump requires 25% fewer strokes

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