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5 Best Lawn Fertilizers

Most recommended
Builder Starter Food
  • Scotts
  • Turf Builder
  • Covers 1,000

A good choice too
Green Max Lawn Food
  • Green Lawns
  • Style: Standard
  • Feeds for deep

A good choice too
Miracle-Gro Water
  • Size: 5 lb
  • Instantly feeds
  • To green lawn

Milorganite 0605 Garden
  • Size: 5-Pound
  • 15 growth elements needed
  • 4 percent iron

Organic Lawn Booster
  • Espoma EOLB30
  • Safe for kids
  • Environmentally friendly

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Lawn Fertilizers

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55.56% of users selected Builder Starter Food, 11.11% selected Green Max Lawn Food, 0% selected Miracle-Gro Water, 0% selected Milorganite 0605 Garden and 33.33% selected Organic Lawn Booster. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

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