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5 Best Herbicides for Privet

Best Herbicides for Privet

Most recommended
Dow AgroSciencesDow AgroSciences RTU548
  • Effective
  • Superior Results
  • Easy-to-use

A good choice too
CROSSBOW32Southern Ag CROSSBOW32 Weed & Brush Killer
  • 1 Quart
  • Non-crop areas
  • 4 to 6 fl.

A good choice too
Roebic K-77-2LBRoebic K-77-2LB Laboratories K-77 Root Killer
  • 32OZ
  • Destroys clogging roots fast
  • will not harm septic tanks

Bonide 274 Bonide 274 728639280241 Vine & Stump Killer
  • 8 ounce
  • Kills vines & stumps
  • Brush-top applicator

Tordon RTUTordon Rtu Specialty Herbicide 1 Qt
  • Effective
  • Ready-To-Use
  • Easy-to-use

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40% of users selected Dow AgroSciences, 16% selected CROSSBOW32, 0% selected Roebic K-77-2LB, 8% selected Bonide 274 and 36% selected Tordon RTU. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

When you drive through your neighborhood, you undoubtedly notice privet (Ligustrum spp.) bushes in every street because they are such popular shrubs for hedges. Such evergreen trees and shrubs flourish in the U.S. Hardiness zones 3 through 10 of the Department of Agriculture plants, but exact zones differ across the 50 varieties.The Privet may be invasive and distributed to inappropriate locations. After pulling the seeds, a little piece of root left in the soil will re-sprout. Chemical herbicides function effectively to destroy the privet by destroying the roots of the vine.

Below a few powerful herbicides for privet were reviewed and rated. Make sure to read the comparison table with specifications to buy the best weed killer for your garden, lawn or backyard.

Dow AgroSciences RTU548 Tordon Herbicide– the best for any season!

Dow AgroSciences RTU548Invest in a killer stump that lasts. When you clear out fence lines and non-cropland fields, Tordon RTU Herbicide efficiently destroys the shrubs and stumps. Ready-To-Use stands for RTU because that’s exactly what it is.

This tree stump killer does not involve combining or weighing, and you can use it virtually all year round. This chemical stump killer gets the job done.

The liquid substance acts as a blue dye to make the consumer know where it has been sprayed to aid users refrain from destroying plants they wish to preserve. Since the product is sturdy and operates efficiently, it is on the more pricey side.

  • Effective on almost every season;
  • Easy to use;
  • No-freeze formula;
  • May stop re-sprouts;
  • Expensive;
  • May need a few applications;

Copper sulfate, the active ingredient, needs little mixing and is RTU from the container. It can be applied all year-round to avoid re-sprouts from rooting.

Southern Ag CROSSBOW32 Weed & Brush Killer – the best for pastures!

Southern Ag CROSSBOW32 Weed & Brush KillerIf you have a wide area packed with infamous plants, the CROSSBOW32 is your go-to remedy. Against the deadly Spreading Charlie/Ground ivy and other aggressive weeds in your turf, it is very powerful.

This substance destroys rangelands, industrial sites, walkways, green pastures, and other non-food crop areas with annual and perennial weeds.

To function efficiently over broad acres of land, its ingredients were carefully picked. When you operate on a golf course, a park or other non-crop fields, it would certainly fulfill your needs.

  • Includes effective components;
  • Easy to use;
  • Made for large areas;
  • Strong to kill even bamboo sprouts;
  • Strong smell;
  • Won’t cope with small and tight areas;

In destroying broadleaf weeds and woody plants, the Southern Ag herbicide operates well. You should be assured that you will not have to contend with weeds for months until you apply this herbicide on your lawn or pastures.

Roebic K-77-2LB Laboratories K-77 Root Killer– the best for pastures!

Roebic K-77-2LB Laboratories K-77 Root KillerAnother stump killer certainly worth noting is this Roebic herbicide. It efficiently destroys roots and seals off the entry point to avoid regrowth. For practically all forms of piping, it is also anti-corrosive and secure and operates seamlessly without doing damage to nearby plants.

If you think your drainage system has a crisis, first you have to purchase copper sulfate before you decide to either employ a plumber or buy a sewer monitor. If the source is tree roots, you can see a fast outcome by utilizing copper sulfate. If the outcome appears to be none, though, you might settle on another solving process.

  • Budget-friendly;
  • Good packaging;
  • Recommended for unclogging the pipes;
  • Requires some time to unclog;
  • Roots die slowly;

One of the strongest copper sulfate options on the root killing market is Roebic K-77. It contains 99% pentahydrate copper sulfate and weighs 2 lbs. This substance helps easily destroy the seeds. It’s safe for all plumbing tasks.

Bonide 274 728639280241 Vine & Stump Killer– the best for ease of use!

Bonide 274 728639280241 Vine & Stump KillerIf you have a fairly active estate of invasive plants, the Bonide killer could be a perfect solution. This substance will easily be added to vines, brush, or persistent stumps and quickly clean your yard.

The substance comes with an applicator brush that must be used because, if not vigilant, nearby plants may be destroyed. Triclopyr, the active component, gets soaked into the roots, destroying the whole system. This helps guarantee that there is no re-sprouting of the root scheme, allowing the removal method smoother.

It also helps deter the chemical from damaging other suitable foliage and plants in the area, since the nuisance development that you wish to eliminate may be precisely targeted.

  • Affordable;
  • Spot application;
  • Easy to dilute;
  • Kills the roots;
  • Not very powerful;
  • The small brush;
  • Does not cope with large stumps;

For most other undesirable weeds in your yard, that will do the job. For holding the chemical where you like it, the applicator brush is a handy addition.

Dow Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide– the best for the formula!

Tordon Rtu Specialty Herbicide 1 QtIn non-crop areas such as woodland, right-of-ways, roadsides, and fencerows, Tordon RTU herbicide is effective in destroying over 20 separate woody plants and avoiding the sprouting of cut trees.

This Tordon product is an RTU substance that is easy to use and needs no weighing or mixing. Only bring it in the spray bottle and spray it. The formula makes it easy to notice where a handy blue dye that tags any stump or tree was sprayed by you.

  • Great formula;
  • Simple to mix;
  • Helps to mark the trees;
  • New sprouts may pop out;
  • You need to drill the stump;

Drill the stump and roots with holes and add the product. There shouldn’t be any fresh development in 2 months.

The Buyer’s Guide

Active components:

1) Glyphosate

Liquid glyphosate formulas have been successful on privet above the water’s surface, but unsuccessful on weeds located in the water. They are wide-range, systemic herbicides. Systemic products are consumed and migrate to the site of action inside the plant. Systemic herbicides appear to work more steadily than herbicides that come into touch. For successful performance an aquatically recorded surfactant would have to be applied to the glyphosate solution.

2) Triclopyr

A selective broadleaf systemic herbicide is the liquid version of Triclopyr. Systemic herbicides are consumed and are transported to the site of action inside the plant. Systemic herbicides appear to work slower than herbicides in contact. The efficacy of Triclopyr is improved by aquatically recorded surfactants.

Application method

Using glyphosate blended in a 5% solution with water for foliar applications of herbicide on privet hedges. To help the herbicide adhere to the leaves easier, apply a surfactant such as a dish soap to the remedy. For best performance, use a solution of 25% Triclopyr and 75% horticultural oil when added to bark.

A 25% solution of glyphosate or Triclopyr mixed with water could be effective for the privet treatment. Do not use herbicides to destroy privet growing near every source of water; instead, use mechanical means of control.

Second, cut off the intercrossing branches and then the whole bush to ground level to handle the privet hedge efficiently. Administer the range of herbicides from the examples outlined. Alternatively, a weed wrench may be hand-pulled or utilized or a brush mulching process may be added.

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Final thoughts 

What do you think about the listed herbicides for the privet shrubs? How do you cope with these plants when they appear on your lawn? Please share your favorite remedies and do not forget to check the buyer’s guide before purchasing a new solution to kill these stubborn weeds.