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Will RoundUp kill seeds?

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Dustin Shelton
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I just spread a whole bunch of ground cover and perennial seeds in my flower beds. Then I decided to Round Up all the weeds that are taking over while the seeds are germinating. Both the planting and the RoundUp were done on the same day. Now I'm wondering if when my ground cover comes in, if there will be little round patches every place that I sprayed the weed killer. Does anyone know if RoundUp will kill seeds, even if they haven't sprouted yet?

Maureen Frazier
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Roundup is the only sort of chemical weed killer i take advantage of. I want boiling water to do away with maximum weeds yet on occasion i want something like Roundup to do away with an entire bunch or basically a pair of actually annoying weeds. Roundup interior of reason risk-free so some distance as chemical compounds bypass. It would not leach into the encompassing soil like another weed killers do. It shouldn't injury the tree as long as you're careful to no longer spray it perfect on the tree yet whilst slightly gets on the tree, it somewhat is going to be o.ok. it rather is right to try this on an afternoon that isn't windy. as quickly as you do away with the weeds you're reliable to bypass on the grounds that Roundup impacts basically those plant life that are sprayed. It leaves no residue interior the soil.