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the use of pesticides and herbicides?

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Maureen Frazier
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Some estimate that the use of $1 of pesticides and herbicides increases agricultural productivity by $4. Assuming this estimate is valid, would you be willing to ban the use of pesticides and herbicides and pay about four times as much for fruits and vegetables, or do you feel comfortable with present risks? Explain your reasoning

Madison Sanders
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Well pesticides that kill insects are good for the farmer, but spread bacteria and infect the plants they grow. Secondly, pesticides that are oversprayed, eventually there might be a flood or just plain rain, sprinklers, etc. This will all drain out into the ocean. Not only does it hurt agriculturally (think thats a word), but it hurt marine life, and eventually we eat both and might consume these pesticides. Well, as long there isnt side effects to using herbicides, i guess i would still eat them. Although this is a form of laziness and procrastination, no one would wants to pay 4 times as much + high taxes. Also, without the use of the pesticides and herbicides, the plants and fruits that us humans and mammals eat, will be produced slower. This will cause 'second' world hunger in the US or the world. Im fine, but we can still also grow our own fruits and vegies! Just dont want cancer